Container Inspections

Professional loading/unloading supervision of a wide variety of agricultural products, fertilisers, fuel, recycled materials, metal and machinery shipped in containers at ports and warehouses in the UK, Europe and Russia.



Loading Supervision of Goods Shipped By Container could include:

  • Pre-shipment inspection to confirm the quality, quantity and marking of the product according to the contractual specification;
  • Checking shipping container cleanliness, dryness and temperature settings;
  • Checking the product quality, packing condition, sealing and marking (including expiry date) against documentation / contract specification;
  • Supervising loading and ensuring safe, efficient and timely loading of the product;
  • Random sampling and check weighing;
  • Rejecting any damaged goods;
  • Tallying goods against order / shipping note during loading;
  • Providing full photographic and written report;
  • Witness sealing of the container.


Inspection of lots of fruits and /or vegetables shipped by Container could include:

  • Check the ref. journal and control systems of the microclimate conditions of transportation;
  • Gathering information about the voyage;
  • Check the operation of the cooling system before discharge;
  • Collection and interpretation of the thermographs installed by the supplier during dispatch of the cargo;
  • Control of the general condition of the cargo during unloading;
  • The selection of a representative sample and checking the quality of delivered goods;
  • Producing letters of protests in the circumstances, which could become a cause of losses for the customer;
  • Analysis of the results;
  • Producing survey reports on quality and quantity in accordance with the results of the inspection;
  • Detailed photographic evidence at every stage of the inspection.