Discharge Supervision

We have extensive experience of supervising discharge of a wide variety of agricultural products, fertilisers, fuel, recycled materials, metal, machinery and many other at ports and warehouses in the UK,Europe and Russia


Discharge supervision services:

  • Inspecting hatch seals
  • Quality control, checking for water ingress, contamination, infestation.
  • Damaged cargo investigation, mitigation and loss control
  • Witnessing weighing operations.
  • Tally.
  • Representative sampling.
  • Supervision of stevedoring operations.
  • Protesting against potential damage or shortage.
  • Draught Survey.

We  offer our services of independent evaluation and the quality control of lots of fruits and vegetables, fertilisers, grain and other products delivered to the distribution centers and storehouses.

An independent evaluation of the quality allows the recipient to avoid conflicts with foreign and domestic suppliers.
As well as reasonably and timely have the claims on quality of received goods, thus prevent financial losses. In addition, the systematic qualitative evaluation disciplines suppliers.


The main advantages of independent inspection in comparison with its own professional service quality

The conflicts with suppliers are excluded for the following reasons:

  1. Quality evaluation is performed by a third party, which has a trust.
  2. The decision on acceptance or return of the goods (whether to raise a complaint or not) is taken on the basis of
    an independent opinion.
  3. In case if the supplier still doesn’t agree with the conclusion, the independent inspection company will be able to provide the evidence collected during the inspection.