Quality Policy

  Quality Policy

   Ruswal Global LLC


Ruswal Global LLC has been active from 2014 as an independent surveying company, specialising in cargo and marine inspections. We cover the biggest ports of the Russian Federation, European countries of the Baltic, Northern and Mediterranean seas, as well as Great Britain. We conduct independent cargo surveys in bulk and containers, as well as inspections of bunkering operations of vessels and other types of marine inspections. Our activity aims at providing the client with objective information on the compliance of the inspected objects with the terms of contracts, technical requirements, standards, and to offer unbiased professional judgement on the compliance with the general requirements.  


Throughout its existence, our organisation has built up sufficient experience in the field of independent inspections, developed a team of competent and highly professional surveyors, established its own traditions and established itself as a reliable and conscientious partner.


The trust of our customers is the basis for the development and well-being of our company. It is for this reason that our Quality Policy aims to maintain and strengthen this trust. For this, we closely monitor the following key Principles at all levels of the organisation:

  1. Impartiality in each employee's work and professional judgement. The absence of conflict of interest in our activities.
  2. Competence. Systematic work is done to maintain the proper level of professional knowledge, skills and training of our inspectors and managers.
  3. Confidentiality. Safeguarding of all information obtained during the inspection.
  4. Modernity. The use of up-to-date equipment necessary to carry out the work competently and reliably.
  5. Systematic approach and Consistency. Timely documentation of the entire process of providing inspection services. Maintaining up-to-date instructions. Systematic monitoring of the quality of inspectors' work.


These principles lay the foundation of our Quality Management System (QMS).

In addition, our QMS also takes into account the client's current and future requirements and expectations for quality inspections. We determine and identify the requirements and expectations of clients at the time of entering into the contract and we monitor the claims, identifying the causes of nonconformities and the ways to eliminate them.

The management of Ruswal Global Ltd is committed to:

- create and maintain an internal environment conducive to the involvement of all employees of the organisation to carry out activities in accordance with the Quality Policy Principles;

- allocate the necessary resources of all types to design, implement and develop our Quality Management System (QMS) and its continuous improvement.

Each our employee is responsible for meeting the requirements of the quality regulations in the scope of his/her functional duties, determined by the job description. Failing to meet those requirements will lead to disciplinary and material responsibility in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

In our organisation, the processes of the Quality Management System (process approach) are defined and maintained, along with the procedure for reporting to the General Director.  In those processes, we have identified the operations that have the greatest impact on quality. We have developed and implemented a quality management system, including control methods.

The principle of a systematic approach to quality management requires the organisation to be represented as a system of interacting dynamic processes. In order to implement this principle, such management system has been developed and implemented that breaks down the barriers between individual units, and creates a system of planning and communication of the plans to each employee with the possibility of adjusting plans in the course of their implementation. A performance evaluation system has been developed and implemented, taking into account the satisfaction of customers and employees.

We aim to continuously improve our Quality Management System, for that we set ourselves the following objectives:

- making information available to all employees in a transparent and comprehensible manner;

- regular training and competence development of our employees;

- maintaining and developing our technical resources - acquiring new machinery, equipment, maintaining existing equipment in good condition;

- sustainability (conducting  the above activities on ongoing basis);

When selecting suppliers, the organisation takes into account their ability to supply to us the equipment/ services of appropriate quality, if the organization has an adequate quality management system in place, as well as the pricing requirements of the supplier. When determining the quantity, timing and price of products/services to be supplied, the available resources and capabilities of suppliers are taken into account. We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers based on trust and partnership.

Our quality management objectives are determined by the company's development objectives and our strategy, namely:

- to retain existing relationships with our customers and to attract new ones;

- to maintain and improve the quality of inspection work based on customer requirements and expectations;

- to retain the workforce, maintain a positive psychological climate that facilitates the timely identification of problems and their effective resolution;

To implement the Quality Policy, the management has defined the main directions:

- improving the efficiency of the organisation, its competitiveness, taking into account the interests of customers, founders and the team;

- systematic analysis of current and future requirements and expectations of customers and their satisfaction with our services;

- meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015;

- diversifying our activity and expanding our range of inspection services;

The management of Ruswal Global takes responsibility for the implementation of this Quality Policy and for ensuring that all employees understand and support it.