Scrap Metal

We supervise Loading of Containers and Bulk shipments.
Our senior surveyors have 25 years experience in scrap metal inspection, insuring the impurities and off spec materials are kept to bear minimum.


We operate:

  • In the ports of the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and other European countries
  • In the warehouses of the clients
  • In the metal scrap yards in all the above mentioned countries


 We are fully authorized Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency for the Government of India, DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade of India)


During metal scrap inspection process our inspectors:

  • Attend the loading throughout the operation.
  • Inspect metal before the loading and as it is loaded.
  • Control the radiation levels
  • Witness the weighing of the container (empty and full).
  • Take photos of all the procedures, including sealing
  • Take photos of the seal number
  • Write reports and provide photographs to support any claim to qualify disputes