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Loading and Discharge Surveys Vessels and Containers:

We have extensive experience of supervising loading and/or discharge of a wide variety of fresh produce and perishables (fruit and vegetables), frozen food, meat, fish, wheat, sugar, rice and manufactured foodstuffs at ports and warehouses throughout Europe and Russia.

Services provided include:

Supervision Of Loading Goods Shipped By Container:

  • Pre-shipment inspection to confirm the quality; quantity and marking of the product according to the contractual specification.
  • Checking shipping container cleanliness, dryness and temperature settings.
  • Checking the product quality, packing condition, sealing and marking (including expiry date) against documentation / contract specification.
  • Supervising loading, ensuring safe, efficient and timely loading of the product.
  • Random sampling and check weighing.
  • Rejecting any damaged goods.
  • Tallying goods against order / shipping note during loading.
  • Providing full photographic and written report.
  • Witness sealing of the container.

Supervision Of Loading Goods Shipped by Vessel:

  • Pre-shipment inspection to confirm the quality; quantity and marking of the product according to the contractual specification.
  • Hatch hose or ultrasonic testing to ensure that they are water-tight and suitable to carry the goods.
  • Hold cleanliness to ensure that they are clean, dry, odourless and free from previously carried cargo.
  • Discussing the loading / stowage plan with the master.
  • Draught Survey.
  • Loading supervision, tally, quality control, rejecting any damaged or out of specification product.
  • Representative sampling.
  • Hatch sealing.
  • Protesting to the supplier or stevedores as necessary.
  • Recording stoppages / working times.
  • Obtaining copies of the shipping documentation.
  • Providing full photographic and written report.

Discharge Supervision Services:

  • Inspecting hatch seals
  • Quality control, checking for water ingress, contamination, infestation.
  • Damaged cargo investigation, mitigation and loss control
  • Witnessing weighing operations.
  • Tally.
  • Representative sampling.
  • Supervision of stevedoring operations.
  • Protesting against potential damage or shortage.
  • Draught Survey.

Inspection in the port / Inspection in the stock

Inspection of lot of fruits and / or vegetables in the port includes and means:

  • Check the ref. journal and control systems of the microclimate conditions of transportation.
  • Gathering information about the voyage.
  • Check the operation of the cooling system before discharge.
  • Measuring the temperature at the time of opening hatch covers of holds and during the entire discharge.
  • Collection and interpretation the thermographs installed by the supplier during dispatch of cargo.
  • Control of the general condition of the cargo during unloading.
  • The selection of a representative sample and checking the quality of delivered goods.
  • Forming acts and protests in case of circumstances which are capable to become cause of losses of the customer.
  • Analysis of the results
  • Forming acts, survey reports and reports on quality in accordance with the results of the inspection.
  • All stages in the port are produced with detailed photography.

We want to offer our services of independent evaluation and determination the quality of fruits and vegetables delivered to the distribution centers and vegetable base.

An independent evaluation of the quality allows the recipient to avoid conflicts with foreign and domestic suppliers. As well as reasonably and timely have the claims on quality of received goods, thus prevent financial losses. In addition, the systematic qualitative evaluation disciplines suppliers.

The main advantages of independent inspection in comparison with its own professional service quality

The conflicts with suppliers are excluded for the following reasons:

  1. Quality evaluation is performed by a third party, which has a trust.
  2. The decision on acceptance or return of the goods (issue the complaint and its size) is taken on the basis of independent opinions and can not be appealed.
  3. In that case, if the supplier still doesn’t agree with the conclusion, the independent inspection company will prove it and the questions concerning the quality of incoming goods are removed in any case.

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