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Marine Bunker Surveys

To avoid conflicts of interest and to guarantee integrity, Ruswal Global Inspection Services only carries out Bunker surveys for shipping companies, charterers agencies and acknowledged companies. This clearly shows where our reliability and integrity lay. We do not carry out any surveys for suppliers of oil.

As well as the Russian Federation, we are also active in many other West European ports since 2005. We employ well trained and experienced bunker surveyors, who have years of professional, specialized and independent experience with B.Q.S. tasks.

Bunker Quantity Survey

We at Ruswal Global Inspection Services offer independent and accurate quantity measurement service for marine fuels oil bunkers. We provide complete documentation and photographs for each survey to support any claims to quality disputes. We also carry out pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and the receiving vessel.

Considering the present excessive bunker oil prices, we deem this type of survey necessary, in order to make sure that the quantities as mentioned on the Bunker Delivery Notes (BDN) are true and correct.

Before and after bunkering our surveyors sound/calculate the contents of the cargo tanks of the delivering tank barge, taking the actual temperature of the oil into consideration.

The difference between the contents before and after bunkering is the exact quantity of oil supplied to the sea going vessel and must be in line with the supplied quantity as mentioned on the BDN.

Once one of our Surveyors is appointed to carry out Bunker Survey he/ she will remain with the vessel from start to finish. This ensures consistency and responsibility for the total process.

Our Bunker Surveyors are also instructed to negotiate on behalf of our client if a shortage of oil is discovered. We have over a 95% success rate in recovering shortfalls of fuel delivered.

On/off-hire bunker and condition survey

Our second area, on/off-hire bunker and condition survey is slightly different. Notably for these surveys it is necessary that the surveyor in question is steadfast, thus not easily influenced, so that the vessel will be delivered to time charterers/redelivered to her owners with a correctly certified quantity of bunkers.

The existing condition of the vessel’s cargo working areas, upon her delivery to time charterers, has to be reported very accurately (in writing and with photographs), in order to avoid possible disputes upon the vessel’s redelivery.

Bunker Quantity Survey BQS

Bunker fuel quantity survey inspection (BQS).

Ruswal Global survey professionals provide professional quantity inspection services for clients on a global basis.

Experienced bunker fuel surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels, issuing detailed bunker survey reports to confirm fuel delivery and report bunker fuel shortages. Ruswal Global bunker fuel quantity and quality reports help clients support fuel shortage claims and quality disputes.

Bunker Fuel Quantity (BQS) services:

  • Measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, before and after delivery.
  • Bunker fuel sampling and testing to accepted industry standards.
  • Quantity delivered calculation, based on density testing.
  • Detailed bunker survey reports.
  • Sampling documentation photographs as requested or permitted.

Ruswal Global's marine bunker fuel surveying services are supported by experienced bunker fuel quality testing laboratories. Marine bunker fuels are tested to ISO 8217, Marpol Annex VI and other specifications.

Marine Fuel Testing

Marine bunker fuel quality testing and inspection.

Ruswal Global provides marine bunker fuel testing and inspection services, including marine bunker fuel quantity surveys. Marine fuel analysis is performed to ISO 8217 specifications, helping your ship fuel comply with Marpol Annex VI, the EU Sulphur Directive, Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) requirements, and other legal and quality standards.

Marine bunker fuel testing and inspection:

  • Bunker Fuel Analysis
  • Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)
  • Bunker Fuel Chemical Contamination Screening
  • ISO 8217 Fuel Standard

Bunker Fuel Analysis

Bunker fuel analysis ensures marine fuel oil quality.

Bunker fuel quality analysis helps prevent costly ship engine failure, downtime, and repairs. Analyzing marine bunker fuel also helps ship owners meet marine fuel environmental regulatory compliance.

Ruswal Global tests marine bunker fuels, providing inspection and testing services to confirm bunker fuel quality and quantity delivered. Bunker analysis labs analyze to ISO 8217, Marpol Annex VI and other industry specifications. Bunker fuel testing and inspection capabilities are located in major shipping centers around the world, including Singapore, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Panama, UK, UAE, and the USA.


Bunker fuel oil analysis and inspection:

  • Asphaltenes, Ash
  • Carbon Residue
  • Density
  • Flashpoint
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Microbes Contamination
  • Pour Point
  • Stability
  • Sulfur Content 
  • Total Sediment Potential (TSP)
  • Viscosity
  • Water Content
  • Bunker Fuel Chemical Contamination Screening
  • And more

Pre-testing of Bunker Fuels

Pre-testing marine bunker fuel reduces the risk of costly engine damage and expensive debunkering.

Bunker fuel pre-testing is provided by Ruswal Global Inspection services, enabling bunker fuel quality to be known prior to delivery to the ship. Pre-testing gives marine bunker fuel purchaser's the ability to evaluate fuel quality and either accept the fuel or request the supplier to provide an alternative bunker stem.

Pre-testing of marine bunker fuel helps ensure off-specification fuel is not delivered to the vessel, and reduces the risk for costly debunkering of bad fuel.

Marine Bunker fuel pre-testing:

  • Ruswal Global personnel remain in contact with the fuel supplier to avoid or minimize potential delays.
  • Samples are transported to one of our bunker fuel labs, where a volumetric composite of all tanks sampled is prepared.
  • Composite samples are tested to an abbreviated version of ISO 8217, using modified test methods.
  • Testing is prompt, between 4-6 hours. If fuel parameters fail to meet the fuel specification, additional testing and time may be required.
  • Results are reported to the vessel and/or client before the barge commences pumping bunker fuel to the vessel, so that the fuel quality designated for that client vessel is confirmed and known prior to bunkering.
  • In most cases, barges are instructed by the supplier to wait for test results before fuel pumping operations.
  • Sampling of the barge is a critical part of the operation, as non-representative samples affect quality. Ruswal Global surveyor is instructed to follow proper sampling procedures. Copies of the sampling procedure and  pre-testing analysis protocol are included with client quotations.

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