We provide fuel cargo loading/discharging and quantity/quality inspection to prevent your commercial risks.



We can work with any terminals worldwide to provide a safe load/discharge for your vessel. Having one of our specialists onboard ensures that the cargo is loaded/discharged safely, but also in the quickest possible way, saving the vessel time and money.

A regular update will be sent to our client, usually every 4 hours during operations, and a full report of events on completion. We offer a full range of fuel tests performed by independant laboratories, accredited to ISO 17025.


Loading/discharge overseeing may include:

  • Constant visual control of loading/discharge process and fuel quality visual inspection;
  • Hatch survey;
  • Inspection of technical condition and suitability of cargo holds (containers, tanks etc.);
  • Sampling, done according to international standards and composite specimen preparation;
  • Sample and composite specimen laboratory analisys for compliance to international standards;
  • Draught survey.