Food Products

We have extensive experience of supervising loading/discharge of a wide variety of fresh produce and frozen food products



We offer our services of independent evaluation of the quality and quantity of fruits and vegetables delivered to the distribution centers and vegetable storehouses. An independent evaluation of the quality allows the recipient to avoid conflicts with foreign and domestic suppliers, as well as reasonably and timely raise claims on quality of received goods, thus prevent financial losses. In addition, the systematic evaluation of quality increases suppliers discipline.


Inspection of batches of fruits and vegetables at ports, storehouses and distribution centers can include:

  • Checking the refrigerator journal and transportation microclimate control systems;
  • Gathering information about the voyage;
  • Checking the cooling system status before discharge;
  • Measuring the temperature at the time of opening hatch covers of holds and during the entire discharge;
  • Collection and interpretation the thermographs installed by the supplier during dispatch of cargo;
  • Control of the general condition of the cargo during discharge;
  • The selection of a representative sample and checking the quality of delivered goods;
  • Producing letters of protest in case of presence of circumstances which could cause losses for the customer;
  • Results analysis;
  • Producing survey reports in accordance with the results of the inspection;
  • Detailed photography at all stages.